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Translite Printing is also known as Backlit Graphics, Lightbox Printing, Translucent Graphics, Translight Graphics.

Translite Printing, or backlit printing as it is sometimes called, is exactly the name. Unlike channel strips, chloroplasts, and end caps, translite printing depends on two factors: the light source behind it and the quality of the translucent material. The best examples of this sign light up on dazzling screens, grab consumer attention, and manage point of sale. According to Translights, the name actually comes from the Eastman Kodak Company due to its cinematic nature.

However, every good advertiser knows that there are no universal labels, no examples of graphic displays that work 100 percent perfectly in every situation. Translite printing is no exception to this rule. While a backlit signage display can be reassuring, the effect often wears off in broad daylight. Exposing the translit plate to sunlight has almost no impact on the customer, so transliteration is nothing more than a glorified poster.

Of course, there were times when these translite boards actually glowed. The use of precise translite printing can provide tangible and instant results. If brands want to promote their image through translite printing, visit first digitals for the best.

Translite Printing, also sometimes called backlit graphics or lightbox printing. This is a graphic display that uses a light source behind the graphic to penetrate materials and ink and make prints glow. Translit was developed specifically for outdoor advertising in low light conditions or at night and attracts attention. Given the nature of the backlight display, the task of quality transliteration must be so clear that it is color saturated. The purpose of this process is to prevent the image from appearing dull or faded in its final appearance.

First digitals Graphic Provides Translite printing services with the best quality and various shapes and sizes according to customer requirements. Translite is a graphic display that uses a light or lighting system to illuminate the graphic behind the base material. The backlight effect delivers outstanding results when reading or displaying subtitles in low-light areas and differentiates each graphic from the rest because the colors are brighter and more striking.

Backlit printing can be printed on the front or back of the material for different effects. In addition, the transparency of the base, the whiteness of the sheet, and the proximity of the graphic to the light source must be carefully considered to avoid hot spots on the graphic material. When printing, the transliteration needs to be too saturated with ink so that the colors don’t look pale and washed out. This increases the production time and costs of printing this type of graphic.

Backlit signage translite graphic display that uses a light source on the back of the graphic to penetrate materials and ink and create a radiant print. Translite was developed specifically for outdoor and indoor advertising in low light conditions or at night and attracts attention. Given the nature of the backlight display, the task of quality transliteration must be so clear that it is color saturated. The purpose of this process is to prevent the image from appearing dull or faded in its final appearance.

Suitable for advertising, sales display, POP, and event graphics in lighted light boxes. We also offer our see-through polyester film reverse printing service for illuminated graphics on light box displays. The ultra-white diffusion coating of this film accepts printing on the matte side for a glossy finish. After you print your backlit signage poster, you can seal it with glossy lamination to prevent it from scratching when loaded onto the display module.

Translite graphic printing is often found in public advertising and branding endeavors. Common uses are:

  • On-site shopping environment: Many shops and warehouses with high ceilings have enough light for consumers to shop, but the inside is quite dark, especially between aisle shelves when bright lumens are measured. Backlit printing graphics can be used to attract user attention in this application.
  • Bars, pubs and restaurants: Companies that mainly sell alcoholic beverages often have less lighting. This atmosphere makes translated graphics ideal as subtitles are visible to the user.
  • Bus stations, railways and outdoor airways: Backlit printing are suitable for outdoor use as they can adapt to changing light conditions. Since passengers at these locations often wait without doing much else, this is a good time to grab their attention. Without lighting, the outside signs would not be visible from dusk until dawn.
  • Indoor meals, dinners, and fast food menus: Despite better lighting conditions, backlit printing helps restaurants provide important points for purchasing information on restaurants. Given the ambient lighting, new menu items and photos must also be lit for users to be able to read them properly and view them from a distance.
  • Vending Machines: When you see pictures of sparkling sodas from sodas at train stations or at leisure centers, weary passengers are immediately alerted that refreshing drinks are available. Since vending machines can be indoors or outdoors at any time of day, transliteration is ideal for promoting these devices.
  • Signs for shops or malls: Retail stores need a lifestyle to grab consumers’ attention as soon as they enter the store. Transliteration can highlight important elements or provide a directory of important information such as a mall directory.

At first digitals translite Printing we only use the best materials and equipment to create high quality transliterated graphics for your needs. Our employees have the experience and commitment to bring out the best character in the market. At first digitals translite Printing, we are committed to what we promise and deliver more quality products.

It is mostly constructed with the help of see-through polystyrene, polycarbonate / Lexan, acrylic, PETG, banner

Factors influence translite printing:

Many factors influence translite printing, including surface pressure. Graphics printed on transparent materials can be printed on the front or back of the material, also known as the first (front) and second (back) surfaces, which change the lighting effect.

How clear white material is – or how much white it retains after exposure – can also affect lighting efficiency. For example, there are many acrylic whites that are designed to diffuse light in different ways and show different printing colors. In addition, advertisers and other users should note that distance matters.

The light from the source requires distance to propagate and illuminate the transliteration properly. Positioning the source too close to the back of the image can create an access point, reduce efficiency, and potentially damage labels. It is also possible to illuminate the graphic from the edges of the material, but this process is material dependent and requires experience.

First Digitals We are one of the most well known providers of the Translite Printing Service. We believe quality to be our obligation and in this way we employ profoundly prepared experts to offer the types of assistance. This service is utilized by different brands and shops to publicize or advance their brands. We offer this assistance at a market driving value making it an exceptionally favored help.

Benefits with first digitals

  • Quality printing services at affordable prices
  • Used for advertising and sales promotion
  • Highly preferred by our customers

  • We offer Translite printing service. Translite printing is a translucent print medium through which light can pass.
  • Printing on Translite will enhance the appearance of your product ad, as people are often attracted to lighted objects.
  • We also have the option to design your ad. If you do not have a print ready design, we will apply your idea with our highly effective professional designers who will give you the best and most creative ideas.
  • This print is printed with a special rubber latex ink which is extremely durable and long lasting even in sunlight. It is also waterproof, which makes it more durable.
  • This mold also features a custom backlit signs LED clip on an aluminum frame, which is actually a ready-made solution.
  • These frames are available depending on your choice and size.
  • Common sizes are 1’x1’6 “, 1’6” x 2 ‘, 2’ x 3 ‘, or even custom sizes.
  • Translite printing along with a frame from 1000.

  • Waterproof, smudge-proof ink
  • Very durable
  • No sun effect
  • interesting result

Our presence: Currently we are present in Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore, Vijayawada, Vizag in India.

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The best selling product on the market is the Translite Board or LED Translite Board. They are basically aimed at reaching your target audience when branding in stores, malls, etc. With a specific promotional or promotional message without sacrificing brand image. Our latest specialists in large format printing technology, together with the highest quality raw materials, ensure the quality and durability of the final product that is unmatched in the production process. Signages Solutions is committed to providing world class indoor and outdoor advertising related products and services to its customers. We are equipped with advanced printing machines with the latest technology.

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