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When it comes to adding glowing billboards to your business advertisement, one big question immediately arises: should you go for a Neon sign Board display? While we might be a little biased, the truth is that neon is superior on a large part of the point.

Neon sign board is a lighting showcase made of gas-filled glass tubes bent in the form of decorative letters or patterns. First digitals specializes in the design and manufacture of custom neon posters, neon lights and neon art. Our goal is to make purchasing your neon screen as easy and smooth as possible, turning brilliant ideas into neon solutions.

Neon gas was discovered by scientist William Ramsey and M. W. Travers in 1898. Neon is classified as an inert gas along with argon, xenon, radon, helium and krypton. Rare gases are unreactive and stable.

Neon was the first gas used to create neon light boards, which is why all gas filled tubes are now called neon lights. This gas-filled pipe can last between 8 and 15 years. Neon lights are primarily used as a neon sign, although they are also used for decoration. Some people put neon lights under their cars or use them as night lights under cots. The first neon advertising sign in the United States was introduced in 1925.

The neon sign can contain as many colors as the designer wants. Straight gases, gases and mixed elements, colored glass cylinders and neon cylinders are used. Each letter or sign element is made separate and sealed from the other marks. This allows many different colors to be present in a single character.

Neon signs are display cases made of glass tubes filled with gas and bent into decorative letters or patterns. When a high voltage electric current flows through the gas, the tube emits light. Although neon gas was originally used in these signs, several other gases were also used. Together with various hues and fluorescent coating for glass tubes, this gas creates a spectrum of more than 50 brilliant colors. A neon sign can be as simple as a small beer sign or as complex as a multi-storey facade.

Make sure your business name is highlighted with a neon sign throughout the day. They have been popular for decades and there is no sign that they will be out of date anytime soon. First Digitals Advertising is the most avid neon sign board manufacturers in Hyderabad, neon sign board manufacturers in Vijayawada, neon sign board manufacturers in Vizag, and neon sign board manufacturers in Bangalore, india you can call for the service at those places.

First Digitals is about building long-term relationships with our customers and successfully achieving this goal. We’re always developing something that turns your beautiful ideas into reality. As a conscientious supplier of neon lamps, we inspire your imagination without spending a fortune.

We have the experience of designing and manufacturing neon LED signs, plastic neon sign boards, neon light signs and many more. The signs we offer meet internal and external requirements. If you are still in doubt, ask our managers, they are only available to help you make the right decision.

Although neon gas was originally used for neon signs, today it is only used to create red and orange colors. Most signs use argon or a mixture of argon and neon. To increase the light intensity, a small amount of mercury is added to argon to create an intense blue light.

This light prevents various light-emitting fluorescent materials being applied to the inside of the glass tube to produce different colors. Optical shades of various colors can also be used or the glass remains transparent if a strong blue light is desired. For special color effects Xenon, krypton, and helium gases are used sometimes.

The glass tubes used in neon advertising are made of soft lead glass which can be bent and shaped easily. It has a diameter of 8 mm to 25 mm and is available in a length of 1.2 to 1.5 m.

The electrodes at each end of the lit tube are usually made of very pure iron, surrounded by a cylindrical glass casing or an open-ended envelope. A wire is attached to the metal electrode and flows through the closed end of the glass bag. The closed end is sealed to the end of the mark tube with the open end protruding into the tube.

High-voltage power to power the shield is provided by a transformer which converts 120 volts from the mains line to 15,000 volts per shield. The typical amperage for a fluorescent sign is 30-60 milliamps, although transformers are usually twice as large as this. The transformer is connected to the electrodes in the shield using a special cable called a GTO cable which is insulated for at least 7,500 volts.

This cable is also used to daisy chain individual sections of lit tubes. The wire is connected to the transformer with the help of insulated borosilicate glass with a spring connection at one end. This transformer and cables are purchased separately at manufacturers and installed by us.

Pipe marks are maintained in various ways. Small sealed plates usually have a thin steel frame that supports the pipes and power transformer. The frame is painted black to make it less visible and the markings float indoors. Large exterior signs can be supported by wooden, steel, or aluminum structures. The glass tube is held by a glass support with a metal base. The transformer is in the closet to protect it from the weather.

Neon sign making is both an art and a mechanical process. With a few exceptions, each sign is unique and must be designed so that it fits the desired appearance within the space available. Consideration of tube diameter, consideration of the minimum tube radius to bend and the overall length of the transformer tube can limit the final design. For example, the smaller the diameter of the tube, the brighter the light. In contrast, a tube with a smaller diameter requires more power, which limits the total length of tube that the transformer can handle.

When an electric black currant is placed on a fluorescent tube, the atoms included in the gas are killed from its orbit. The free electrons collide with each other and are sent back to the atom. When free electrons are absorbed by atoms, they produce energy. This energy creates light.

Each gas used in neon board lights has its own color. Neon is red, helium orange, argon lavender, gray or green krypton, light blue mercury vapor, and gray or blue xenon. The mixed gases and elements added to fluorescent lamps create different hues of color. The fluorescent powder burning on the inner wall of the glass tube also changes the color and hue of the finished neon sign. Tinted glass tubes are also used for the same effect.

Neon signs are popular for advertising because of their bold color. Neon is the first inert gas used in signs. Therefore, all these types of lighting are still referred to as fluorescent lighting, although a number of other inert gases are now used. Different inert gases produce different colors, including purple.

The neon sign has been helping business owners stand out for decades. Even though you may think new things will disappear now, they are still as effective as ever. Here are 8 benefits that neon signs have offered business owners since the 1950s.

High visibility:

A neon sign is a shining and eye-catching addition to any store front that is essential to your visibility. Since our eyes are naturally drawn to colors and light in the dark, putting up a neon sign will instantly enhance your impression, even on busy and highly competitive highways. Neon signs are especially useful for small business owners trying to announce their arrival.

Design freedom:

The big advantage of a neon sign is the potential for customization. This environment provides you with excellent logo design options. Companies using our starter kits can design neon signs in nearly any shape and color. If we can’t do this internally, we’ll help you find someone who can. Don’t settle for pictures!

Evening functionality:

With a neon sign, businesses can work at night. While you can arrange additional lighting to brighten up an existing signage, upgrading to fluorescent is usually the cheaper option for installation and maintenance.

To operate cheaply and save energy:

Neon is the fifth most common chemical element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon. Given their vast abundance, it’s no surprise that neon signs are so accessible. Since they have no filaments, the fluorescent electrode feels cool to the touch, which means it doesn’t lose much power at all. This is why they tend to outlive light bulbs. Buy neon, save money when changing lamps! An average neon sign that uses regular wall power and 90 watts of electricity will cost you around 20 cents if you use it all day. Think of the average 900 watt toaster – ten times the vitality of your business!

Large work area:

Besides being extremely durable, neon signs have a wide operating range. This means that they are safe even when the line voltages are subject to interference and surges.

Long life:

With proper construction and maintenance, fluorescent signs can last 10 to 12 years. If you think the light bulb requires very little maintenance and a traditional fluorescent sign can wear out after 6 months, the value of the neon sign is obvious.

Easy adjustment:

The neon sign can be installed in no time, so you can start using it right away. Our business partners will assist you with your installation – ask at

Attract customers:

Neon signs have a long history in advertising; In fact, this brand information carrier has been at the center of the local advertising campaigns of many large companies since the 1950s. That way, consumers are ready to pay attention to the neon sign. We look for neon signs to see if a store is open and to see promotions. You can use this special equipment to your advantage. Once you put up a neon sign, you are sure to catch the attention of passers-by.

About First Digital’s Neon sign:

First Digital’s Neon signs are catchy. These neon signs are attractive and indicate a company’s reputation. There are one-time investments that offer an effective return on investment (ROI). There are many practical benefits of using neon signs in any business.

Nowadays, neon signs are very popular in business and in the market. Almost every business such as businesses, bars, restaurants, hotels and shops with neon signs is used to attract customers’ attention and increase their sales. The neon sign contains attractive neon lights in various colors, embedded in glass letters. The neon sign glows at night after sunset and can be seen from a distance. Many companies deal in sophisticated neon signs and offer a wide variety of signs with many design areas to suit the company’s needs.

First Digital’s are passionate about making a wide variety of high quality neon products. We are also available online so now buy neon lights online. With a true love of creating unique disposable neon products, we believe our careful approach sets us apart from our competitors and we are determined to develop ways of using neon to add a modern twist to the constant test of time. We love turning your creative ideas into completely unique neon lights signs designs for commercial use. Since most of our neon signs are ready to hang or come with acrylic boxes / panels, all you have to do is light them up and prepare to be amazed.

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