LED Sign Board

LED Sign Board FAQs

How long do LED boards displays/led sign board last?

LED boards displays / led sign board typically last 100,000 hours. If you drive at the mark 24 hours a day, that’s about 10 or 11 years. In most applications this is not necessary so you will find that your marks can last for years.

What are the main components of a regular led sign board connected to a PCB?

A typical led sign board consists of a chip, a semiconductor that produces light when electrically connected. The chip is connected to an electrical lead contact, which acts as the cathode, via a very thin connecting wire. The chip is connected to a heat radiator and a ceramic base.

The chip is covered by a lens which not only protects the chip but also modulates the light beam to the desired angle depending on the type of lens. The chip is coated with a phosphor to produce white light.

What if we want a character that I can’t create with your custom tool?

Digital LED Board

Led sign board manufacturers are ideal for creating neon signs, custom name badges and neon light offerings. If you’re looking for something different, like a company logo, a custom open door sign, or a unique piece of neon art, we’d love to work with you on the design. We can create almost any font, shape, style and design – and turn your look into a neon masterpiece! Contact us now with your ideas.

Which font can we choose for our led board for shop?

There are 36 fonts including italic, block, and double line fonts. As well as being unique to Custom Neon, we are the richest choice any LED board for a shop manufacturer has to offer. Better yet, we can work with almost any font, character set, or writing style. If our neon sign maker custom neon font (click on the Fonts section) isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, let us know what you need and we’ll do it!

Which color can we choose for our led board for shop?

There are a total of 18 colors (click on the color tab) to choose from. 8 of them are white when the shield is off and colored when the shield is on. The other 10 colors come with a tube cap so the markings will still show the color (just not as bright).

How much does an LED board price design cost?

There are many factors that determine the LED board price. All displays are built according to our customer’s specifications.

  • Specifications include:
  • Physical size
  • Screen resolution
  • Full color or monochrome

What resolution or step should we use for LED display?

The tighter or smaller the “tempo” is one of the biggest determinants when it comes to price. For example, a pitch of 20mm means there is a distance of 20mm between each led letter board in one pixel. So if you’re looking for a better resolution, consider upgrading to a 16mm pitch as the LED board designs are closer together and the screen looks less pixelated.

Currently, the industry is 16mm away. This is the best dollar-to-pixel ratio on the market, meaning the best value purchase. However, the industry is leaning towards 12 or 11 mm pixel pitch. As technology develops, prices also increase. When determining your size, you also need to consider the location of your shield.

Sometimes you can have a sign from the road at 10′ in the air and people driving 45 miles per hour. In this case, you may not need to buy value and be more cost effective with a 20mm screen. While there are standard character resolutions, your client’s resolution will depend on their character size and spacing of LED board design.

What is the difference between a monochrome module and a full color LED display?

There are two different types of led light board for shop displays in the industry. There are monochromatic modules that usually have two options, red or yellow. These views are fully programmable with text, graphics or even full animation. However, there is only one led letter board per pixel, which works beyond the grayscale to indicate dimensions, etc. The full color display has 3 led board light per pixel and is accessed by red, green and blue LEDs. These 3 LEDs work together to create billions of colors in a display where you can now use text, graphics and animations with a brighter display and eye-catching appeal.

How bright is the LED lighting sign board?

The brightness of an led light board for a shop is measured by the NIT level or visible light name board intensity. Usually the display is around 5000-10000 NIT and has a built-in automatic sensor that reacts to the ambient light name board. You also have the option to manually control the NIT value in our software with 129 different options.

How to send a message to our screen?

There are several ways to communicate with our led board light display. Most of our applications require a wireless radio link, which requires a clean line of sites at a distance of 2 miles. There are also direct wired Ethernet connections or even cellular connections.

How do we create your content for our customers using LED displays?

Content creation is done in Windows-based Electro-Matic software. Our own app engineers teach end customers how to use and create content and schedule when content will appear on their screens.

How effective are LED displays?

According to the SBA (Small Business Administration), businesses that install LED signs typically see a 15-150% increase in sales. The full report can be downloaded from our main page visual.electro-matic.com. The key to getting more sales from your LED sign is content that looks good.

What kind of warranty is provided for the LED lighting sign board display?

We offer a 5 year parts warranty on all Electro-Matic displays and the ability to call our Application Engineer at any time, as well as all software upgrades throughout the life of the display.

How long does it take to make an LED display?

The manufacturing time for our displays is usually 2-4 weeks with a QC period 72 hours prior to shipment. Another great feature for local businesses in and around Farmington Hills, Michigan is the ability to take their display and save on shipping.

 Are Neon Flex LEDs more environmentally friendly?

Flexible LED fluorescent lamps can be up to 10 times more energy efficient than similar glass fluorescent lamps. LED neon flex has low power consumption with input voltage of 24V/120V. Compared with the input voltage of 3KV-18KV glass neon sign, LED light name boards have lower energy cost and higher safety.

When used properly, flexible LED neon signs last up to 5 times longer than glass neon signs, which means less waste. Lastly, led board light fluorescent lamps do not contain fluorescent gas, mercury, or other harmful chemicals that can make recycling difficult.