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Glow sign board used for your brand, your name. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the way you describe it matches your style, ambition and goals. Subsequently, the light board design for shop is quite possibly the main segment of your image as it goes about as a magnet for client securing. The available varieties are only limited to your imagination.

Light board design are one of the most common but effective types of signs that will give your branding a simple and minimalistic feel. This is the most economical group. Another type of sign that is similar to this is the backlit dashboard, where the dashboard glow gives a nice aura to the environment it is in.

On the issue of diversity, we also have glow sign board designs and hotel flex board design which, as described, specialize in evoking size and sophistication in such an elegant atmosphere. One of our most popular glow sign board designs is our light sign boards which really adds shine to your business as they are the most attractive in the group and allow you to experiment with different techniques which will ultimately enhance your identity among competitors which will obviously be a leap for You . Be a brand.

At Firstdigitals, we can guarantee that this will happen. We are sure that we have nearly 5 years of experience delivering exceptional quality to your feet.

What are Glow sign light board design for shop?

The glow sign is an outdoor promotional material used in outdoor advertising, so it is advertisement board design. In every shop and service provider, either bending plates or lighting plates are installed in the storefront.

Glow signs light Boards are perfect for displaying a company name. As the name suggests, it provides a nice shine. The name can be read from a distance. When the light is focused on it from a distance, the board will light up and display the name of the board brighter. The lighting board is very useful for displaying directions, and much more. We put up boards all over Hyderabad as we are the glow sign board manufacturers in hyderabad and in other areas as well.

Firstdigitals We have a team of experienced and qualified employees for led light board manufacturing. We have many high-tech machines for printing unique fonts. It cuts fonts with very fine needles and the latest technology. A lighting board sign or glow shine board is a very important part because it attracts people and shows off your business. First digitals is a lighting sign board manufacturer in hyderabad. Contact us at +91 99482 22400 | +91 9963 59 1447 for glow sign board designs and images. We are one of the largest record producers of led sign board manufacturers in hyderabad. We offer flex light board design for private customers and retailers. Dealers can have light boards with us at low prices.

This glow shine board brings:

  • Communication of the advertised product or service
  • Information about the dealer, dealer or seller such as dealer name, address, company name, contact details etc.

Here is a complete (but not exhaustive) list of the ACP LED acrylic light board types that can be ordered from first Digitals:

  • 3D acrylic lettering on the ACP main frame
  • 3D acrylic aluminum channel lettering on ACP mainframe
  • Signs with acrylic lamps with individual letters, placed directly on the wall or on a metal frame
  • 2D template for cutting templates in ACP / basic box
  • Cut out letters in the ACP / Main Frame box
  • Heavenly signs
  • Metal letter board
  • 3D crystal letter LED card
  • Open the LED Dot card
  • Neon Signs

  • Cables and wires
  • Galvanized frame is made of GI sheet metal
  • Iron frame
  • Bending stress
  • Electric wedge
  • Fluorescent tube
  • One inch MS square tube in working feet
  • Artworks
  • Work and install
  • Panel dimensions

  • This lighted board is very attractive.
  • The light nature of these illuminated panels provides a clear and distant view of public advertising.
  • This glow sign is made of the best material for a shop brand with shop board design.
  • These neon sign boards are cheaper than ACP cards and cards with 3D fonts, and better than flexible cards.
  • The board with this illuminated sign is wind resistant.
  • These light signs are waterproof.
  • They are very durable and effective when placed in the right places.

We cannot determine the exact light board price number until we have data, eg. How many square meters of light boards marks do we have?

As noted above, no standard parameters (such as rates per square foot) can be determined blindly for working with LED acrylic sign boards. Goods have cards with a fixed interest rate. However, sign design varies from customer to customer. The glow sign board price of each work on the plate is determined by a combination of various parameters, such as:

  • The material from which the boards are made
  • Dimensions
  • Specification
  • Also the number of LEDs used

All of these parameters vary depending on the job. In addition, the location where it is installed will also have an impact on the final cost of the digital board price.

Each of these factors must be considered before we can incur significant digital board price for your backlight work. So, if you need glow sign board cost for working with glow signs, email us at with the following details:

  • Please include the artwork or item design that will be displayed on your shop board design. This could be your company name and logo, a catchphrase, related fonts, etc. Try splitting the original high resolution files in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator format, etc.
  • State the dimensions you have in mind for the job. The expected values work fine and at this point the measurements need not be accurate. We just need to get an idea of the scope of work.
  • Provide a picture of the location to be posted together with the same address. If the assignment has to be installed in a very high or difficult to reach location, we may need to send a separate scaffolding team to assess the site.

First Digitals Professional sign boards in hyderabad prepare what is the total area of ​​work to be done, where to install and how much travel it will take, but if the work done is equal to or greater than 100 square feet then the cost of these panels with lighting signs in Hyderabad is taken per square foot. For digital board price we offer an affordable range.

Advertising your shop with advertisement board design is an incredible budget. We need a lot of funds to advertise the company. TV commercials, radio ads, YouTube ads, etc. are expensive. If you’re a retailer, digital marketing can help, but you still need to limit the physical sales channels in the market.

To make things easier, we offer our services to companies looking to fill their front dealers, distributors and resellers with their promotional materials. This way they can market their goal and advertise accordingly. Neon sign boards and lighting board banner price are the most common boards you can see in storefronts. Illuminated billboards make your ad look more attractive and less cheap.

  • You need to hire us after you pre-order 50 percent and the design is approved. We will put up your sign boards in hyderabad within 2 working days.
  • You need to hire us because if the workload is more than 2000 square meters, we will give you a trade discount.
  • You have to hire us because of our trained installation team. We have five teams and each team can install 5 to 8 signs for sign boards in hyderabad depending on the situation and demand.
  • You have to hire us because we use the best raw materials to make this lighted board.
  • You need to hire us because of our high quality installations. We are very careful not to drop the installed boards and ensure that our installed boards have a long life until natural disasters occur.
  • Firstidigitals are a manufacturer and distributor of lighted signs in Hyderabad, Banalgor, Vijayawada, and vizag. From our masterpieces we offer a wide variety of high quality glossy panels that are durable and have an attractive design. The light sign is made of high quality acrylic and LED lighting and boxes designed by qualified professionals. Our designers create these illuminated signs with perfect fixation to ensure that they get the maximum attention of the viewers.

    Firstidigitals present a wide variety of Outdoor Advertising Products including Hoarding, Display, Walker, Car Branding, Van, etc., and a wide variety of Advertising Light Signs. We are the premier lighted signage manufacturer in Hyderabad, Banalgor, Vijayawada, and vizag and our range of LED light signage are known for their excellent quality and sleek design. The lighting symbol consists of square letters and a high quality acrylic and LED lighting system. And it was designed by our experienced teammates. Attractive designs from sign to light board, well designed by our specialists, tailored to the specific needs of customers.

    Glow Light Board is one of the best advertising media to promote your business. It attracts customers and influences customers. These are used by various leading organizations to promote their products or services and are offered by us in the market at very competitive prices. If you want to market your brand or company, you can use our services for attractive boards for signs that light up. We guarantee that we will provide you with an unmatched lighting board range as we have done with first-class materials and advanced methods. Our professionals work day and night to bring you the best results and work until the final result meets your needs.

    We offer panels for glow signs in various sizes, depending on the needs of our customers. If you also want a board with a sparkly sign for your brand you can use this service. We are one of the best organizations for the manufacture and supply of panels for sign illumination, as well as acrylic and factory work. These boards are designed under the supervision and guidance of our professional and skilled designers and technocrats using the latest and most advanced technology. You can use our services at the best competitive prices.

    We offer a complete range of products including Acrylic LED Signs, LED Letter Signs, LED Boards, Color Boards with Signs, Digital Signs and Acrylic Sheets.

    Our Features:

    • Finish long
    • Good quality
    • Attractive design